Is Your New Year's Resolution to 'Relax More'?

As another new year begins, something as inevitable as the post-Christmas sales drawing record numbers of shoppers takes place, as Brits all over the country make their new years' resolutions.

For many, that resolution will be simiilar to the ones we made last year, maybe even for the last several years. Losing weight, getting fit and improving our health continue to be among our favourite promises to make come January 1st, much to the delight of the local gyms and latest celebrities to release a workout DVD. But for some, the need to work out and be more active is overshadowed by the need to relax more. Health is not of course limited to our physical wellbeing; the need for rest, recouperation and relaxation can have a tremendous impact on our lives and of course play its own part in forming our exercise aspirations. 

So how could you de-stress in 2018?


1. Find the Balance Between Work & Family

Although some of us can manage with less of it than others, we all need a degree of downtime. For some that means time away from the glare of a computer screen, smartphone or tablet. For others, time off our feet to rest weary legs. 

As human beings we obviously need sleep and rest if we want to live our lives to the fullest. However for many it isn't practical to just put our feet up at the end of a gruelling day, and some of us have trouble disconnecting from the office emails for entire weekends. Could 2018 be the year you take your work emails off your phone, at least for weekends? Or could it be the year you close the laptop even just an hour earlier, and cuddle up with the family instead?


2. Swap the Social Media for a Novel

On the subject of switching off the technology, a study in 2015 by the Telegraph determined that the average person at that time had five social media accounts and spent around an hour and a half each day browsing them. That's more than ten hours a week! 

According to research by Personal Creations, it could take the average person under seven hours  to read either Pride & Prejudice or Sense & Sensibility by Jane Austen. If we switched off the social media for three short weeks, we could read the complete Twilight Saga series or even Tolstoy's War & Peace! Could 2018 be the year to enjoy some great works of fiction as well as our social media reality shows?


3. Take a Staycation Close to Home

It goes without saying that a holiday of any kind can be the tonic to cure life's stresses. Here in the Lake District we're lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the most breathtaking scenery in the UK, some incredibly peaceful and tranquil relaxation spots and, save for the poor weather, plenty of outdoor adventure to explore at every town and village. 

With the price of holidaying abroad expected to rise yet further in the coming years, it's expected that the UK will fall in love with the great British holiday all over again. If you live near the Lakes already, what could be better than a getaway to discover what's on your doorstep?