4 Top Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in the Lake District


Some “little gems” you can really sink your teeth into…

According to a study by Comparethemarket, the vegan population in the UK rocketed to around 3.5 million in 2018 - up from an estimated 500,000 or so in 2016. Staggering figures like this suggest that the vegan lifestyle isn’t so much a fad as it was once considered… many more people than ever really are ditching meat and dairy permanently.

And so as the vegan population grows, it’s only natural for the number of restaurants, bistros and cafes in the UK’s tourist hotspots that offer vegan options or, indeed, entire vegan menus to grow too.

The Lake District is no exception, with many of the region’s most popular holiday areas now offering vegan cuisine, some with their own unique twist. We look at some of the best places to try out if you’re a vegan looking to dine out in the Lakes!


1. Fellinis, Ambleside

As part of local cinema Zeffirellis, this all-vegetarian restaurant classes itself as ‘Vegeterranean’ due to its distinct Mediterranean menu! A varied choice of dishes features full-vegan options and vegan versions of their signature vegetarian meals.

Fellinis recommends booking ahead - for the menu and more information visit https://www.fellinisambleside.com/restaurant


2. Graze, Bowness

With only a small number of inside tables, this little eatery requires some patience to get seated. But as their customers will tell you, Graze is well worth the wait! Their vegan and vegetarian options tend to be as well known - if not more so - than the regular menu items, which tells you all you need!

Check them out on Facebook via https://www.facebook.com/Graze.Bowness/


3. Kat’s Kitchen, Keswick

The all-vegan food on offer at Kat’s famous Kitchen in Keswick extends right through to the desserts, with the chocolate cake a well-loved highlight among reviewers. Kat’s recently announced new opening hours extending seven days a week and they even stock a range of vegan sports gels. It’s tricky to find a menu online, but if you’re in this part of the Lakes a drop-in at Kat’s is essential!

Follow the news at https://www.facebook.com/katskitchenkeswick/


4. Quince & Medlar, Cockermouth

Tucked away and well hidden within Cockermouth is another hidden gem; a vegetarian heaven with plenty to offer for vegans (almost the entire menu has a vegan option). The Quince produces veggie food to die for with stunning presentation that surpasses any expectations you could possibly gleam from the varied, intriguing menu.

Booking is essential, and well worth it… More info at https://www.quinceandmedlar.co.uk


We’ve only listed a few options for vegan dining in the Lakes - but there are many more out there waiting to be found. Have we missed anywhere obvious? Let us know!