All-Electric Passenger Boat Sets Sail on Windermere

Saturday June 30th will see a historic near-fifty-year-old passenger vessel set out for its madien voyage on Lake Windermere for the first time as an all-electric vehicle.

Built in the 1970s by a team led by local boat maker Alan Brockbank, the MV Venture - weighing 8 tonnes and capable of carrying 45 passengers - has been in operation between Fell Foot Park and Lakeside Pier on the Lake District's signature body of water for over four decades and is set to continue doing so with a new zero-emmission engine.

Smoother journeys with less noise and less pollution are already a part of Windermere Lake Cruises' remit with 42 motorboats already capable of all-electric transport in their existing fleet. This is the first attempt at going all-electric with a larger passenger boat and it probably won't be the last we see according to their operations manager, Richard Bowden:

"It’s important to move with the times and updating Venture with the latest electric technology will help us strike the right balance between preserving this historic vessel’s special heritage and modernising her for the future. Converting our self-drive boats to all-electric has proved very popular and has provided us with the model to move ahead and try out an electric engine on a larger passenger boat."

You can get your tickets for a trip on the all-electric MV Venture now, with the maiden voyage setting off this Saturday, June 30th. Information and tickets can be found at