Brexit Means Staycation as Winter Lake District Bookings Soar

We currently can't browse for too long on any given news website or in a daily paper without reading more about how Brexit is going to potentially affect the UK. Whether you welcome the result of the 2016 referendum or not, the consensus seems to be that on the whole prices will rise in the immediate aftermath of the United Kingdom leaving the EU, even more so than they have in the wake of the pound sliding to its lowest level in years.

Just last month the Daily Mirror revealed that the price of a holiday abroad is set to rise by between 20% and 25%, making breaks outside of the UK unaffordable for many families.

So what does this mean for British holidaymakers?

Well, while other countries will get more for their dollars and euros by visiting the UK due to a weaker pound, this also means that our money won't stretch as far should we leave Britain for a break. With that in the minds of British holidaymakers since last June, we've already seen the effects of this in the form of a huge uplift in staycations as early as August's bank holiday, with numbers increasing yet further over the winter period.

Cornwall welcomed 3.7 million people in July and August 2016, a 4% increase on 2015, with tourists estimated to have spent over £500m in the county over the 6 weeks leading to the end of August. Go Lakes meanwhile reported that hotel and hostel visitor numbers for July broke the record set the year previous.

And that brings us to the winter, with the Westmorland Gazette reporting this month that visitor numbers from November 1 through to the end of Christmas week are up by a massive 80% on 2015 figures.

With January now upon us and many Britons facing a tough decision over where to spend their upcoming bank holidays and the 2017 summer break, now could be a better time than ever to consider visiting the Lake District!