Improvements Underway at Kendal Castle

Accessibility improvement work has this week begun at the historic Kendal Castle, once home to the extended family of Queen Catherine Parr.

With muddy pathways having widened and worsened in recent years, the main focus of the work is to resurface and re-route those pathways - with muddier areas of the site subsequently able to grow replacement grass. The work is expected to improve safety on the landmark site as well as further enhancing the area's natural beauty.

The project, led by Kendal Town Council and additionally funded by South Lakeland District Council and Cumbria County Council, will also see improvements to the site's signage, including new storytelling that focuses on the Parr family and their role in the castle's history.

The work is expected to be completed by the end of March should weather allow, with those backing the project hoping new visitors would recommend the site as an ideal picnic spot for both visitors and locals during the Summer, with no shortage of spectacular views across the town and beyond.

Kendal's famous castle is situated on a glacial drumlin to the East of the town centre, clearly visible from various parts of the town and wider areas, and can be accessed on foot for visitors via a number of open pathways. The castle is free to explore and is an essential stopping point for explorers visiting the area.

Image credit: Wikipedia (license)