The Lake District Pound Will be a Thing From Spring!

The Lake District is set to become the first UK region ever to launch its own currency in an effort to boost tourism and encourage visitors to local businesses.

With their designs still to be revealed, the Lake District £1, £5, £10 and £20 notes will be available later this year with an equivalent value to pound sterling. The notes can be kept as souvenirs with proceeds going to charity, with each thought to tell their own story about the area, or used in participating local businesses. The notes will have a 12-month use period and work in a similar way to Disney Dollars, so that when visitors leave the area, they have the opportunity to swap the currency back into Sterling.

New designs for the notes are expected once a year to create an ongoing legacy of collectible souvenirs for Cumbrian tourists and locals.

Ken Royall, who runs the independent 'Lakes Currency Project said about the venture: 

“First and foremost the Lake District pound is going to be a fun way for people to discover and enjoy the unique local culture we have on offer in the Lakes.

“People can buy the notes one for one with Sterling and then spend them in local retailers, cafes, restaurants and tourist attractions. As well as driving footfall to all our fantastic local businesses, this will also be a great way for people to explore the unique character of the area and connect with its people.

“The Lake District and Cumbria are understandably favourite holiday destinations for people from around the world, with more 18.5 million visiting the Lakes alone last year.  We hope that by encouraging more people to use our local businesses, the Lake District pound will not only strengthen our local economy but add to the region’s sense of identity and pride in itself.

Those backing the project also believe that those businesses taking part in the scheme will enjoy increased numbers of visitors, but also an enhanced local reputation. Mr Royall added "we believe this sense of taking part in something that helps the people and area will be a strong driver for visitors to be involved in the project."

The notes are due to be unveiled this Spring and will be available from various outlets including post offices in the area - will you be an early adopter of the Lake District Pound?