New Designs for the Lake District Pound in 2019


The Lake District pound - our region’s very own currency - launched last April as an initiative to promote the local area, boost business to local companies and provide unique souvenirs to both residents and visitors.

The currency, which is tied to Pounds Sterling in terms of its value, has since flourished with around £140,000 worth of LDP now thought to be in circulation across Cumbria, with 350 businesses accepting it. A currency that divided opinion in the run up and aftermath of its launch remains a topic of much debate, but it would appear that the project is successful, and the unique notes are here to stay.

And so, as promised when the Lake District Pound first launched, new note designs have arrived for 2019 and feature some of the region’s best-loved and most notable personalities. Artist Rebecca Gill and designer Debbie Vayanos have created the four new notes valid for spending and collection for 2019.

Education pioneer Charlotte Mason, who proposed the idea of a wide and liberal curriculum for British schools, is this year’s face of the ‘One Lake District Pound’ note, while Canon Hardwicke Rawnsley, founder of the National Trust, is depicted on the £20 note.

Mountaineer and author Sir Chris Bonington, famed for a mountain climbing career that, among other things, saw him briefly hold the record as the oldest person to have ever climbed Mount Everest is the new face of the £10 note. But perhaps most notably, this year’s £5 note pays tribute to Beatrix Potter, known and loved the world over for her twenty-three children’s tales, including Peter Rabbit, many of which were written in or based on the Lake District.

Those who still have the 2018 editions of the notes can still spend them until the end of January 2019 or swap them for the new editions. To find out where to get or spend the currency, visit