Pebbleart Craze Takes Lake District by Storm

Spring is finally here after what felt like one of the longest and coldest winters in history! And not only are the birds starting to sing a bit louder and the bees starting to appear, but we're already in full flow with the returning Pebbleart craze as hundreds of rocks and stones are being scattered across the towns and villages of the Lake District, awash with colours, patterns, sequins and glitter.

Those who became familiar with Pebbleart last year will undoubtedly remember that first time they stumbled upon a dazzling rock (not literally, of course!) and either couldn't figure out what it was or couldn't wait to take it away and re-hide it. Already this year the locals in Kendal have seemingly upped the ante in their quest to colour the awld grey town as the official Facebook page - now boasting over 1500 followers - has already been taken over with photos of the town's favourite finds.

The designs themselves have already exceeded expectations too, with full landscape portraits, memes, cartoon characters, animals, footballers and of course, a tonne of ladybirds! If Pebbleart sounds like something you'd like to get involved in - and it's a great way to liven up those family weekend walks - here's a few top tips to get you started:

  1. If you're visiting the Lakes, bring some pebbles with you from your home town and don't forget to pop a few words on the back about where they came from! 
  2. Popular destinations for Pebbleart hide and seek include Kendal Castle and nearby Fletcher Park. If you're hiding rocks in either of these places be sure to hide them well!
  3. You can find Pebbleart practically anywhere - keep those eyes peeled wherever you go...
  4. Don't forget to pick up any pebbles during your trip that might make great canvases.
  5. When it's time to get painting, literally anything goes! You could use a black marker pen to add finer details and to keep your masterpiece waterproof, use either acrylic paints or coat your glamorous rock in clear varnish. 

For more information, to get involved or to post photos of your finds, you can get involved with the Pebbleart Kendal Facebook page. You never know, your righteous rock might be found, photographed and featured!