UK Lodge Park Ownership Soaring - and Everyone Benefits

With the price of a holiday abroad rising and the pound unable to buy as many Euros or Dollars as before, a growing percentage of UK tourists are turning to rental or ownership at one of Britain’s holiday parks.

And the shift in trend has a positive effect that goes beyond the convenience and savings enjoyed by those taking the trip, as local communities, attractions and business owners share tourist cash that would otherwise have left the UK.

But it’s not just about saving money and shortening travel time. Changes to life on a holiday park over the last half a century have been extensive, with all the luxuries of home such as double glazing, satellite TV, central heating and broadband internet now common and often expected. We’ve come a long way from the ‘bucket and chuck it’ method of doing the washing up in a 1960’s caravan!

There are also more park homes sited that ever before, with over 200,000 to be found at 4,000 parks across the UK. One such park, The Warren in North Wales, features en-suite bathrooms with spa baths, Italian kitchens and even iPhone-controlled heating systems in some of its more luxurious accommodation.

Whatever the level of luxury you’re looking for in a holiday home or second property, a getaway lodge in a UK park can seemingly provide it, without it costing as much as a typical countryside cottage, and without those high levels of UK stamp duty applicable to second homes.

And if ownership isn’t for you, rental and private holiday opportunities are also steadily on the rise, with families and couples looking for new ways to explore and enjoy British areas of natural beauty.

Will you be one of them this year?