Where Can You Find Live Music in the Lake District?

Given its reputation as a peaceful haven where breathtaking scenery can be enjoyed with only the sounds of nature nearby, it’s probably easy to consider the Lake District to be equally short of noise when it comes to the evenings. But in fact, the opposite is true.

With art, theatre and festival culture continually prevalent in the region, Cumbria has always managed to boast a live music scene that’s survived pub revamps and closures.

Perhaps the most notable modern day association people have with the Lakes and live music is the annual Kendal Calling music festival, notable for its rapid growth into one of the UK’s most eagerly anticipated live music events from once humble beginnings.

But for those visiting the area who are simply looking for a bit of entertainment during their nights out, there are plenty of places to find professional and amateur music in the region - including the below!


The Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal

As well as boasting a restaurant, bars, cinema and theatre, The Brewery also hosts comedy, poetry, exhibitions and of course, live music. The venue, famous in particular for shows in the Malt Room located on the ground floor, has hosted countless well-known headliners such as Robert Plant and Patti Smith over the years, and is also a well-known return venue for classic reggae acts, jazz, blues and rock artists and some of the UK’s best tribute bands.

To see what’s on at The Brewery during your visit, check out https://www.breweryarts.co.uk/whats-on/live-music/


Bootleggers, Kendal

Speaking of tribute acts, you can’t move for them in Kendal’s other major live music venue, Bootleggers Bar. Located on Finkle Street within the pedestrianised town centre area, ‘leggers is a 250-300 capacity bar with a famous stage, in-house PA and balcony viewing area. You can usually find tributes to the likes of Oasis, REM and Lynyrd Skynyrd on one or more nights during the week, and Bootleggers caters just as much for local musicians, creating opportunities for budding musicians to play in front of a live crowd.

Find out who’s on this week and beyond at http://www.bootleggersbar.com/whats-on


Baha, Bowness

The newcomer to the live music scene in the Bowness and Windermere area, Baha boasts two stages in its Lounge Bar and 3rd Floor rooms with a mix of musical styles on show several times a week. Baha is also already famous for a great night out involving cocktails and VIP-style experiences, both of which can be somewhat pricey, but certainly worth it if you plan ahead and enjoy the experience on offer.

Baha’s live music schedule can be found at https://bahabowness.com/events/category/all/live-music/


The Brickyard, Carlisle

Formerly the Richmond Hall, Carlisle’s premier music venue reopened in 2002 as the Brickyard and has since grown to become one of the region’s most popular places to find bands both established and new. Unlike many other venues, the Brickyard proudly lists the vast majority of acts who have performed on their stage on their website along with in some cases, the posters designed to promote the event at the time.

There’s usually a couple of events on every week and you can find out what’s coming up on their quick list here: http://thebrickyardonline.com/index.php/quick-list/


Plug n’ Play, Penrith

A wonderful venture started by local people specifically for the benefit of local musicians in Penrith keen to get their chance to perform, Plug n’ Play is a non-profit event brought together by like-minded people of Penrith and Eden. Plug n’ Play costs £5 for entry, with a pound off if you’re performing on the night, with an open-mic format followed by a headline act to finish things off.
For more information about when and where to find Plug n’ Play, visit https://www.plug-play.co.uk/