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Kendal New Year’s Parties 2019-2020

Christmas is almost upon us. And if you’ve managed to get all your presents sorted and made your plans for the day, maybe you’re now planning ahead and wondering how to see in the new year.

Kendal always has you covered when it comes to New Year’s Eve parties. This year is no different, with a bunch of options to rock up to and party like it’s 2019!


Christmas Markets in Cumbria 2019


Whether it's Edinburgh or Frankfurt, nothing gets us into the festive spirit quite like a Christmas market. Traditional (or in some cases completely different) food, mulled wine, lights, pop-up bars and unique gifts are just some of the delights waiting in the big markets of the world's city centres. But do you really need to travel for hours to find a magical Christmas market? 

A Crash Lesson in Cumbrian English


If you’ve never been to the furthest North-West parts of England before, your first experience of Cumbrian dialect could have you thinking you’d walked into a glorious, picturesque foreign country. Luckily, there’s a decades-old, dedicated online Cumbrian dictionary that’ll help you separate your ‘ackers’ from your ‘marras...’