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A Crash Lesson in Cumbrian English


If you’ve never been to the furthest North-West parts of England before, your first experience of Cumbrian dialect could have you thinking you’d walked into a glorious, picturesque foreign country. Luckily, there’s a decades-old, dedicated online Cumbrian dictionary that’ll help you separate your ‘ackers’ from your ‘marras...’


When is the Kendal Torchlight Carnival 2019?

The time is nearly upon us! As local schools, businesses and groups put the finishing touches to their floats and costumes, the market town of Kendal is in the final stages of preparation for the 2019 Torchlight Carnival.

The procession always takes place on a late Friday in September, usually after the Westmorland County Show. This year the carnival takes place on Friday September 28th, 2019.


Which Movies Were Filmed in the Lakes?


Arguably the most famous and obvious recent example of the Lake District featuring on the silver screen would be 2018’s Peter Rabbit, starring James Corden as Beatrix Potter’s lovable and mischievous bunny. Windermere and Ambleside are on full show throughout, with a number of nods to Potter’s life also featuring within scenes.