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All-Electric Passenger Boat Sets Sail on Windermere

Saturday June 30th will see a historic near-fifty-year-old passenger vessel set out for its madien voyage on Lake Windermere for the first time as an all-electric vehicle.

Built in the 1970s by a team led by local boat maker Alan Brockbank, the MV Venture - weighing 8 tonnes and capable of carrying 45 passengers - has been in operation between Fell Foot Park and Lakeside Pier on the Lake District's signature body of water for over four decades and is set to continue doing so with a new zero-emmission engine.

How to Celebrate World Chocolate Day in the Lake District!

July 7th, 2018 is International Chocolate Day. And if you're anything like us, you'll be drooling at the thought of how you could celebrate!

International Chocolate Day is a globally-celebrated observance that's said to mark the introduction of chocloate to Europe in the 1500s. But more importantly, it's an excuse to eat loads of chocolate...

In the spirit of indulgence, we've created a short list of wonderful places certain to help you cater for the cocoa cravings on July 7th (or indeed, any time you like). 


Are Driverless Vehicles En-Route to the Lake District?


Vehicle congestion around Grizedale and Buttermere could potentially reach severe levels, if the Lake District continues to enjoy increases in tourism following its successful World Heritage bid... but futuristic driverless pods could be the answer.

A feasibility study is underway to determine whether self-controlling electric vehicles could provide a realistic solution to increasing conerns over how the estimated 18 million annual visitors to the region can get around. 


Lake District Pound Designs Revealed, Launching May 1st

The Lake District Pound has been given a lunach date of May 1st, 2018 - as the designs for the four notes have been revealed.

The project, headed and founded by Ken Royall from near Windermere, has been created to support local businesses and communities while enhancing the visitor experience for tourists. The notes hold an equivalent value to pound sterling at all times, can be used interchangably with the main currency and can be swapped back at any time at a participating business. The notes are also laden with security features and anti-counterfeit measures.